About Us

Kim Kristenson Lee

Founder of Labyrinth Leadership Group, LLC, a Coaching and Team Development Center.

  • ICF Certified Leadership Coach; Change Project Manager; Art of Convening™ Certified Convener.
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Trauma Informed Coach (TICC), Moving the Human Spirit
  • Art of Convening™ Certified Convener.
  • Master of Arts in Industrial Relations (MAIR)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Psychology (BA)
  • Post-Graduate Studies at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France – General Management
  • Mastery Teacher – Integral Transformative Practices International
  • Faculty – Integral Leadership
  • Faculty – Whole Person Leadership for Women
  • Certified – Hogan Leadership Assessment
  • Certified – 16 Personality Factor Assessment (16PF)
  • Board of Trustees Member – Sierra Waldorf School, Jamestown, CA
  • Parent of two teenagers


“Learn-it-all” leaders are my people! I am an experienced, ICF-credentialed leadership coach, change project manager, and a convener of organization planning and development forums. I coach leaders and managers seeking greater clarity, collaboration, and alignment toward getting results the right way. Beyond the workplace, I partner with couples during times of transition, to create the future they truly want to inhabit. As a trauma informed coach, I understand the physiological impact of past and present disruptions on our ability to thrive, and I bring expertise in building resiliency.

I draw on twenty-five years of corporate experience at Chevron in strategic planning, change management, and people development roles. Through my LLC, Labyrinth Leadership Group, clients apply a proven formula to navigate “Labyrinth Leadership” challenges: unpredictable journeys toward worthwhile goals. You may know where you would like to go, but sometimes, the path reveals itself as we go. We explore the future as it emerges.

My coaching and workshops are founded on a belief that leadership is not a privilege reserved for the few. It is a capacity accessible to anyone called to show up and create a better future.

Outside of coaching, I spend my time with my husband and our teenage sons exploring the Sierra Nevada region of California.

Please use my Calendly to schedule a complimentary 30-minute 1:1 time. I am pleased to be a resource for referrals as well.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh
  • Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance
  • HeartMath® Certified Coach and Trainer
  • Art of Convening™ Certified Convener
  • Global Team Coaching Institute Certified Team Coach
  • MBA, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering
  • Mastery Teacher – Integral Transformative Practice International
  • Faculty – Integral Leadership
  • Faculty – Ki of Cooperation
  • Faculty – Living an Extraordinary Life
  • Certified – Hogan Leadership Assessment
  • Author – NexGen Human, and TruthBubble

Roger is committed to the realization of each person’s highest and fullest potential. As a leadership and team coach and an organizational development consultant, he is a catalyst for positive evolution and transformation. With over a 1,000 professional, paid coaching hours, he has worked with a wide-range of organizations from venture capital funded start-ups, to non-profits, to large Fortune 500 companies. He is most happy when serving individuals, teams and organizations to work authentically and on-purpose, effectively collaborating to create the highest value possible.

He is the author of two books: NexGen Human (outlining a path of evolution and growth for individuals and society), and TruthBubble (about the power of consciously chosen mindsets, worldviews and beliefs). For more than 10 years, as a facilitator and trainer with Integral Transformative Practice International, a 501c3 supporting positive evolution in body, mind, heart and soul, he has developed the capacity to creatively support transformational learning in individuals and groups. And, as a HeartMath® Coach, he provides tools and techniques to access the wisdom of the heart that is so helpful in today’s often challenging world. With a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration, he brings a grounded and pragmatic approach to the further development of human performance and capacities.