Right Purpose – Part 1

posted on August 3, 2020

Those who have a why can bear almost any how

Viktor Frankl

Welcome to the first of a four-part series.  In it, we will discuss the four focus areas enabling leaders to stay resilient in life and work.  And, how to take a pulse check on how you are doing. The focus areas are:

We will first put the spotlight on “Right Purpose”.

Focus Area 1: Right Purpose

Purpose is what gives meaning to your efforts as a leader and a person.  Purpose is your “why”. Quoting Viktor Frankel, “Those who have a why can bear almost any how”. Right Purpose aligns your gifts, priorities, talents, and motivations with a unifying direction.

According to Richard Leider, founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company, two questions help reveal your Purpose:

Where do I want to grow?
Where do I want to give?

I recommend an additional question:

What’s life asking of me next?

Clear Purpose is not a given. It requires each of us to bring into consciousness the answers to these important questions and to organize our actions around them.  

There are no simple techniques for this discovery process. However, here is a way to assess the degree to which you are living in Right Purpose.  On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how satisfied are you that you are:

  • Bringing a clear sense of Purpose to your life’s work?
  • Bringing a clear sense of Vision (ideal future state) to your life’s work?
  • Aligning your focus and decisions, personally and professionally, with your deeply held values?
  • Setting and strengthening Intentions for growth and renewal, during a specific timeframe (6-12 months)?
  • Focusing on growth and renewal goals that you find fulfilling?

Use this tool to capture your responses:

Download Renewal Pulse Check document

Consider your responses. Journal on what you have learned.  As you develop clarity, you also grow your ability to define and align your life plans. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of life planning, please watch for our next installment, Right Planning.

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