Labyrinth Leadership Group

We have off-the-shelf coaching packages for individuals and teams, as well as customized services that fit your exact challenge or need. Here is how we work with you:

Let’s Talk! Schedule a 30 minute talk-time

Individual Coaching

  • First-time coaching
  • Single-session coaching
  • Monthly or quarterly coaching subscriptions with between session support.

Team Coaching & Convening

  • Single-session team coaching
  • Multi-session team coaching: by project or planning cycle
  • Convening Coaching and Consulting: Design and deliver a high engagement event
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Supervisor/Manager 360-degree Feedback Process

Organization Coaching & Workshops

  • Workshops:
    • Leader as Coach
    • Convening: The Superpower of Purposeful Leaders
    • Six Options for Top-Notch Situational Leadership
  • Custom programs for coaching, mentoring, and convening
  • Your Virtual Learning Manager

Leadership Assessments

  • Prediction Session: Hogan Assessment & Interpretation (90 minutes)
  • Prediction Session: Sixteen Personality Factor (16PF) Assessment & Interpretation (90 minutes)

What is Coaching?
What is Convening?