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Who Benefits Most from Coaching?

posted on July 21, 2020

Before you begin the journey, you own the journey. Once you have begun, the journey owns you.

Old Proverb

Some say that people most benefit from coaching in times of change or disruption. Is that true?

Coaching During Disruption:  Challenges come our way. Disruptions happen. In such times, the value of a coach or helping professional is said to be very high. So, some say a disruptive time is an ideal time for coaching. But is that so? Read on…

Coaching Despite Circumstances: Others say coaching is less about the situation, and more about the person. They say some people are high learners with high self-accountability, and can create great outcomes, under any circumstances!

So, who benefits most from coaching? The person with the motivating (disrupted) situation, or the motivated mindset? In my experience, the greatest benefits go to the person with the motivated mindset. That is a given. And building on that, here are three situations in which I see people benefit most from coaching:

  1. In a transition or nearing a transition. Many people are leaving jobs, losing jobs, changing jobs, or retiring. Some are stepping into new and bigger roles, or significantly different roles. These times are pivotal because change is ingrained in moving forward. Windows of transition offer a range of rich possibilities to create the future. How can you set tangible goals and get on track for what is next?
  2. Feeling “Ready but Not Ready” for What’s Next. You will benefit most from coaching when you sense a readiness or restlessness for something new. Sometimes this will show up as a sense of anxiety. It’s a likely sign that you have entered a next stage of development. Benefits are especially great, when there is something you can’t quite name, blocking your way forward. Coaching enables you to discover and overcome challenges and patterns that have blocked you.
  3. In a highly challenging role. The greater the scope of your decisions, and the greater the uncertainty in your role, the greater the benefit of coaching.

A Labyrinth client accountable for a multi-billion-dollar project recently netted a $20 million benefit to his employer from a single interaction. If we attribute just 5% of that outcome to coaching, which had been aimed at his relationship with clients and partners, that’s $1 million dollar payoff. That is a significant benefit from coaching!

Many other clients are leaders in uncertain roles, without the time to learn by trial and error. Coaching accelerates channels for constructive feedback and learning, when accelerated learning makes all the difference!

We work with leaders, intact work groups, and individuals. We engage with clients directly or through sponsoring employers.

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